Producer (Sarajevo)

Ishak Jalimam

has graduated at the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo, Department of Production and Management. He currently works at the Sarajevo Film Festival as CineLink Industry Days Coordinator, and coordinates Dealing with the Past program, and is the head of the Festivals educational segment

Maja Salkic Burazerovic
Producer (Sarajevo)


was born in Sarajevo on September 29, 1979. She attended primary and music school in Baghdad, Iraq and Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She later graduated from The Second Gymnazium in Sarajevo and enrolled into the Acting Department in the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo.

Artistic director of the project (Sarajevo)


is an Italian theater and film director, actor, and acting coach. He is Associate Professor in Acting. After studying Philosophy at the University of Pisa, he graduated from the Italian National Film School, Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome, under the supervision of Academy Award Nominated Actor Giancarlo Giannini.

Playwright and dramaturg (Sarajevo)

Nejra Babić

was born on May 24, 1989 in Sarajevo. She is a Bachelor of Dramaturgy at the Academy of Performing Arts, in Sarajevo. She was the winner of the first prize for the script “Let me draw you" at the Academy, which was screened at the Sarajevo Film Festival (programme BH Film).

Selma Alispahic
Actress (Sarajevo)


is one of the most prominent theatre and film actresses in South East Europe. She is a principal actress of the Sarajevo War Theatre since 1998.

Davor Sabo
Actor (Sarajevo)


was born in Sarajevo on October 18, 1990. In Sarajevo, he finished elementary school and gymnasium, as well as the elementary music school, majoring in classical ballet. In 2009, he entered the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo in the class of professor Admir Glamočak.

Actor (Sarajevo)

Sanjin Arnautović

was born in Livno, BiH, where he finished elementary and high school. In 2009 he enrolled the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo, department of Acting. He graduated in 2014. During his studies, he engaged in pedagogic work and through drama workshops for children in elementary and high school ages he teaches acting. As a graduated actor he played in all of the theaters in Sarajevo.

Matea Mavrak
Actress (Sarajevo)


is an actress from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where she completed her elementary and highschool education. During her primary and secondary education she also attended classical ballet school at the National theatre in Sarajevo.

Director and producer (Oslo)

Martin T.B Thomas

is a stage and film director with a BA in Film Studies from NTNU. He has directed and produced several stage plays, short films and two feature films. He is the founder of Para Film & Teater,

Actress and producer (Oslo)

Rose Aker

is a freelance producer and actress based in Oslo, educated from NORD University with a BA in Acting and Artistic Production. She works with both theater and film.

Playwright and Dramaturg (Oslo)

Øystein Stene

blends action and philosophy, suspense and poetry, and the fantastic with the familiar. His stories often take in the entire globe and all living things and examine what it means to be human in our time.

Videographer and editor (Oslo)

Marius Rolfsvåg

graduated from the Norwegian Film School in 2016. Marius has directed tv-series, music videos, short films and commercials. He will follow the ETL process from behind the camera and make video updates online.

Actor, director and producer (Pisa)

Carlo Scorrano

He has been involved in theater since 2004, trained as an actor and director with various masters of contemporary theater, he has chosen the theatrical pedagogies of Natalie Yalon, Mariano Dolci, Emmanuel Pouilly and José Sanchis Sinisterra as guidelines for his research.

Actress (Pisa)

Silvia Lazzeri

Graduated in Languages with a specialization in Art History and Theater History, the theater has always been part of her life. After years of amateur theater as an actress, after many acting courses, dramaturgy courses, the European School for the Actor's Art of San Miniato, a master in dramaturgical translation at the University of Pisa, experiences in web series and audio/video projects , she arrives at the professional theater.

Actress (Pisa)

Giusy Iannone

Actress with a degree in theater history and a diploma from the Scuola del Piccolo Teatro in Milan directed by Luca Ronconi. She worked in theater with Mario Martone and Renato Carpentieri. Since 2017 she has started to create her own independent projects in which she explores modern reality through grotesque texts such as in Cesira Scognamiglio, taken from Manlio Santanelli's The Three Truths of Cesira.

Actor (Pisa)

Paolo Leccisotto

Driven by the passion for music and acting, he starts taking music lessons. He learn how to play guitar and bass, but drums are the instrument that stole his heart. He takes the first steps into the world of acting at age 10. From 2012 to 2018 he works with Compagnia "Biancofango" (debuting at Teatro India, Rome) and with Alessandro Bardani and Francesco Montanari.

PR (Pisa)

Ilaria Vallerini

is Italian journalist and I have been working with the Italian newspaper La Nazione since May 2021, covering the news of my hometown, Pisa. Every day, I have the opportunity to wear different shoes telling different stories. Since October 2021, I have been in charge of the communication (press office and social media manager) of the Teatro Nuovo, Pisa.