Sanjin Arnautović

Actor (Sarajevo)

Sanjin Arnautović was born in Livno, Bosnia and Herzegovina on 16th of November 1990., where he finished elementary and high school. In 2009 he enrolled the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo, department of Acting. He graduated in 2014. During his studies, he engaged in pedagogic work and through drama workshops for children in elementary and high school ages he teaches acting. As a graduated actor he played in all of the theaters in Sarajevo. In 2020 he was a part of the ensemble of the first european virtual musical “Spring awakening”, and after that he became a project director for international musical organization “Broadway Across Borders. In 2022. he participated in Global Artist Exchange Program where he got the opportunity to visit Chicago and New York, where he was attending several workshops about musicals led by some of the greatest American artists(Felicia P. Fields, Kelli Morgan-McHugh, Kathy Voytko…) from this industry. Since 2018 he works as an assistant for the subject Speech, on the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo. 



The Expanding Theater Landscapes project brings together theater artists from Norway, Italy, and Bosnia to create three performances under the question: How to talk about refugees from a European theater scene today?

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