Taking inspiration from Pirandello's Meta Theater classical play "Six Characters in Search for an Author", three theaters from Bosnia, Italy, and Norway will lead actors out of their daily comfort zone to search for characters inside Bosnia's four refugee camps. 

final productions: 

Spring 2024 in Sarajevo, three new plays will premiere, starring actors from Bosnia, Norway, and Italy together with actual migrants that are on the move to a better life in the European Union.  The project is a trilogy directed and created by Gianluca iumiento in three chapters, one in Bosnian, one in Italian, and one in the Norwegian language.  

activist objective:

The three performances developed in collaboration with lawyers, refugee camps experts, humanitarian volunteers, and the UN will attempt to use the art of theater to help migrants to reach their goal of integrating into the European Union.

The Method of work:

Using devising techniques, actors from three countries will research the topic of migration. The group will experiment with ideas first rather than being in a hurry to fix scenes and storylines.  Actors will get tasks and topics to explore and be assigned to different refugee camps in Bosnia.  Each assignment will result in a performative etude shown to the group. At the end of this joint working session, the group will decide the theme and problems of each play. Later three different playwrights from Italy, Norway, and Bosnia will write each text. After, the group will meet again to read the scripts and give feedback. Each group will rehearse their performance at the end of this writing process. 

The three shows will premiere the same week in Sarajevo and be presented as three chapters of the same trilogy.