The "Expanding Theater Landscapes" project, funded by Creative Europe, brings together theater artists from Bosnia, Italy, and Norway to collaborate with refugees in Bosnia, resulting in a trilogy of performances to be played separately in their home countries and collectively in Sarajevo.

Drawing inspiration from Luigi Pirandello's play "Six Characters in Search of an Author," the "Expanding Theater Landscapes" project ventures to confront the role of theater as a preacher and public informer, incorporating refugees into the performances on stage and working with the plays, with the aim of not only shedding l

The "Expanding Theater Landscapes" project involves actors from the three participating countries immersing themselves in refugee camps in Bosnia to understand the daily lives of the residents, reflecting on their own roles and positions, and forming the basis for collaborative theater performances that explore different asp

The scenic language must be prepared in dialogue with the actors and the refugees. Then, in the final phase of the work with the documentary material, a dramaturg or dramatist makes sharper textual choices and shapes situations and actions that clarify the issues. We are working with a couple of different scenarios and plots

ETHICS AND LAW When we started this project, we asked many questions about the refugees’ vulnerability. But the more research we do, the clearer it becomes that refugees are not a uniform group; many are resourceful and have artistic interests and ambitions. So part of our initiating questions, such as whether we are i