Davor Sabo
Actor (Sarajevo)

Davor Sabo was born in Sarajevo on October 18, 1990. In Sarajevo, he finished elementary school and gymnasium, as well as the elementary music school, majoring in classical ballet. In 2009, he entered the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo in the class of professor Admir Glamočak. He graduated in 2013 as the best student at the acting department. In the Sarajevo War Theater, he performs a number of notable roles in the plays “The Toth Family” directed by Urban Andras, “Sarajevo feeling” directed by Thomas Stayeaert “Jedvanosimsoboakalomistobo” directed by Aleš Kurt, “National Drama” directed by Boban Skrelić, “All my love” directed by Zijah Sokolović, “Bullying collection” directed by Aleš Kurt. He also works in Sarajevo’s Altteatr, Theater Factory Sarajevo, Sarajevo Youth Theater and Sarajevo National Theater. He is also engaged in film where he plays roles in domestic and international productions as well as on television.

From 2015 to 2018, he worked at the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo, Department of Acting, subject Actors Voice.

At the 15th Festival “Mostarska liska” he won the award for the best actor of the festival, in the same year he won the award for the best young actor of the festival at the International Comedy Festival “Gola mesecina” in Skopje.

Engaged in the Sarajevo War Theater since 2016, and in 2020 he becomes a member of the ensemble.



The Expanding Theater Landscapes project brings together theater artists from Norway, Italy, and Bosnia to create three performances under the question: How to talk about refugees from a European theater scene today?

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